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News: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 -- Issue 650 http://www.newsline.kz/rss/

Note From the Editor

Announcing A First Time Ever Direct Marketing Conference in Almaty Tomorrow and Friday
    If you are worried about the effects of the financial crisis and looming economic slowdown on your business in Kazakhstan, you might want to check out ...
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Kazakhstan General

Kazakhstan withdraws Soldiers from Iraq
    Kazakhstan pulled its military unit out of Iraq Tuesday, marking the end of a five-year operation alongside US troops.
    A Kazakh Defense Ministry spokesman says the withdrawal ...
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Premier Wen's visit to promote China-Kazakhstan Strategic Partnership
    The Chinese Foreign Ministry Tuesday said that Premier Wen Jiabao's upcoming visit to Kazakhstan will greatly promote the development of China-Kazakhstan strategic partnership.
     At a ...
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Oil and Gas Sector

Gazprom Property Evaluations delay Orenburg GPP Operation
    The start of the operation of a Russian-Kazakhstani joint venture based at the Orenburg Gas Processing Plant has been delayed as Gazprom is still evaluating the ...
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Eurasia Drilling Company to invest about US $360 Million into Development
    The Eurasia Drilling Company plans to invest about US $360 million to development in 2009. The company’s First Vice President Vadim Bayanov said in 2005-2007 it ...
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Kazakhstan’s Gasoline Prices won’t drop
    In spite of the drop in prices for oil, gasoline will not lessen in price in Kazakhstan, Chairman of the National Bank Anvar Saidenov said on ...
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TH KMG announces Prices Decrease for Fuel
    As a part of the second stage of ensuring stability of the internal market for fuel and lubricants, KazMunaiGas Trade House has announced a price decrease ...
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Energy Industry

First Section of North-South Transmission Line to be launched October 22
    The first section of the North-South electricity transmission line will be commissioned on October 22, Vice Prime Minister Umirzak Shukeyev said at the selective government session ...
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Finance and Investment

Kazakhstan: Astana acts aggressively to contain Financial Crisis
    Kazakhstan is making a massive cash injection into its economy in an effort to soften the impact of the global credit crunch.
    The government will pump ...
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Kazakhstan’s Inflation slows - National Bank
    According to official data from Kazakhstan’s Statistics Agency inflation in Kazakhstan in September 2008 was 0.6%. Chairman of the National Bank Anvar Saidenov announced in Almaty ...
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CIS Finance Ministers ponder changing Financial Architecture
    The CIS finance ministers will develop a set of proposals for a better international financial architecture, Russia's Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin stated during a meeting of ...
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Nurbank begins Re-branding
    Nurbank will continue operating on Kazakhstan’s financial market with a new logotype, Nurbank’s Chairman of the Board Nurmukhamed Bektemisov on October 21 in Almaty at a ...
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Government lowers GDP Growth Forecast to 5% in 2008 Budget
    On October 21 the government approved an amendment to the national budget for 2008.
    "Budgeted figures have been adjusted for the amount of a special allocation from ...
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Communications and Transportation

KTZh could join Doszhan Temir Zholy as Shareholder
    Kazakhstan Temir Zholy could join Doszhan Temir Zholy JSC as a shareholder. The firm is participating in the construction of the Shar-Ust-Kamenogosrsk railway line in the ...
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Company News

How to Learn Good Marketing Strategies for Hard Economic Times – at an Unprecedented Direct Marketing Conference/Master Class – This Thursday and Friday in Almaty
    In the West, many successful people have long valued learning skills through self study, directly from practitioners with years of business experience. Not every business or trade can be learned this way, however. For example, economics and finance are theoretical and are best absorbed in a university setting. Others, such as sales and marketing however – are clearly practical sciences/arts, and the best way to learn them is to study with a practical expert.
    Scores of people have changed their lives by attending seminars or home study courses -- expanding their businesses, increasing their incomes, and often becoming their own bosses. But in Kazakhstan so far, the perception is often that only a university education has true value, even though the private sector values results more than theory.
    But there are a couple of visionary companies in Kazakhstan trying to change this perception, and will be bringing internationally-renowned experts for unprecedented conference/seminars – right here in Almaty.
    One of these is the Asia Direct - Direct Marketing Agency, which brings you the Domain-2008 Direct Marketing Conference – with a Master Class given by the legendary Guru Drayton Bird (www.draytonbird.com). The conference will take place Thursday October 23 and Friday October 24, 2008, at the International Academy of Business (IAB). The Master Class will be held on Friday, from 14:20 to 18:00.
    The Asia Direct - Direct Marketing Agency has organized the event in partnership with IAB – an institution focused on using practitioners to teach business. This will be a tremendous opportunity to learn measurable and proven Direct Marketing strategies you can use now to increase your customer base, invite your current clients to do business with you more often, and buy a larger variety of your products/services – including your premium products. The conference will not only teach you strategies you can implement today at minimum cost and greatest chance for a solid return on investment, but will also be a great networking opportunity. The conference is designed as a part lecture and part group discussion. Participants will be able to ask questions and get practical answers as to how Direct Marketing can be used to solve your particular business problems today.
    Because of how measurable they are, the strategies to be covered are especially relevant for difficult economic times, when it is more important than ever to guarantee a strong return on investment. This year’s conference will differ from the first – Domain-2007, because in addition to the star of the event – Drayton Bird, and the other high-powered foreign guests, it will also feature more Kazakhstani Direct Marketing experts than ever, with lots of local market experience. Topics covered will apply directly to the local market, and your guaranteed to walk away with some practical steps you can implement immediately to protect your business during the current slowdown.
    The Measurable Difference of Direct Marketing
    Direct marketing is all but unknown in Kazakhstan so far, even though it has a long history of success in Russia and many other former Soviet states as well as the West. Direct marketing can be defined in two basic ways: the American Association of Direct Marketing (DMA) says it is an interactive system using one or many types of advertising to attract a response or make sales, regardless of the location of the seller and buyer.
    Wikipedia defines it as a sub-discipline of marketing designed to send messages directly to consumers, without intervening media. This could include direct mail, e-mail, tele-marketing, or Internet sales with consumers or businesses. It is also drives purchases using specific "calls-to-action." This aspect of Direct Marketing involves an emphasis on track-able, measurable responses from consumers.
    So Direct Marketing can be used to get customers anywhere – in any part of the world, and often uses feedback between buyer and seller - providing your firm with marketing intelligence. But it is partially the second definition - the “call-to-action” - which makes Direct Marketing a proven way to bring cash into your business at lower risk, even during difficult economic times. You can use Direct Marketing to grow your business now, and especially when times are tight -- it is much better than blindly handing huge amounts of money to an “institutional” ad agency and hope sales increase.
    The Asia Direct - Direct Marketing Agency – The Most Experienced Agency of Its Type in Kazakhstan
    Established in March 31, 1998 the Asia Direct Marketing Agency brings its clients 10 years experience with many of the top fast-moving consumer goods, finance and technology companies, including Procter &Gamble Kazakhstan, Phillip Morris, Kazkommertsbank, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Samsung Electronics, Net Style, Nursat, North Winds Kazakhstan, TuranAlem, Texakabank, Kuat, Mars Effem, and Alliance Bank. It has extensive experience working with many of the top ad companies in the country.
    Director, Tatyana Soldatenko graduated from the Institute of Direct Marketing, UK, with a Diploma in Direct and Interactive Marketing.
    Asia Direct is one of the few, if not the only company able to implement a Customer Relations Management system in Kazakhstan. While some firms spend huge amounts of money on CRM software, but never learn how to use it properly, Asia Direct can show its clients that a great campaign can be created at a fraction of the cost. When it is well done, a CRM campaign can build trust and have your customers and prospects eagerly expecting what you have to say next. Such a “warm list” will be more responsive to buy from you more often and at premium prices.
    Asia Direct can help your business expand through an individualized strategy, custom-designed to fit your particular needs. Asia Direct utilizes proven and tested strategies applied in a creative manner to find the best way to promote your products or services for your particular situation.
    Asia Direct is a member of RADM (Russian Association of Direct Marketing), FEDMA (Federation of European Associations of Direct Marketing, and the InterDirect Network (International Network of Independent Direct Marketing Agencies). Asia Direct has always held a policy of being open to creative partnerships and both users and providers of Direct Marketing can feel free to contact them with questions or proposals.
    A Master Class – Hard Times Call for Good Marketing – with the One and Only Drayton Bird
    Because of the caliber of the keynote speaker, this year’s Master Class is truly an unprecedented opportunity, and is about to sell out its remaining seats. As a participant in Drayton’s Master Class on Friday, you will learn simple, easy, practical and measurable strategies to expand your client base and keep your current customers coming back again and again. And you will learn it from one of the world’s most recognized Direct Marketing masters, a man with 40 years experience in Direct Marketing and advertising.
    Mr. Bird will discuss how Direct Marketing is the best bet for your money, especially during economically-trying times like today. He is a dynamic and entertaining speaker, and will talk about how good times often breed bad habits, whereas as bad times breed good habits. It is during times like this that you must realize you cannot afford to spend money on advertising unless you are guaranteed results. The success and life of your business may depend on it, and you can only be sure you are getting results if you are able to measure the effects of your advertising.
    In this Master Class, you will see the difference between what works and what does not – and why. You will see many, many examples from many industries and many countries, and you will leave with practical ideas you can put into action today
    Andy Owen – who spoke in Kazakhstan last year, described Drayton Bird as “the greatest living Direct Marketer”. The Chartered Institute of Marketing named him one of the 50 living individuals that shaped today’s marketing -- with others being Philip Kotler, Tom Peters and Theodore Levitt. Campaign Magazine called him “the only universally acknowledged point of creativity in the Direct Marketing world. The UK Direct Response magazine said his impact on UK Direct Marketing was “unlikely to be matched by any other individual”. David Ogilvy said he “knows more about Direct Marketing than anyone else in the world” and “his speeches are highly informative and hilariously funny”.
    He is also a renowned author, and his Commonsense Direct and Digital Marketing has been a UK best seller on the subject every year since 1982, and is available in 17 languages. His book -- How to write a Sales Letter that Sells was described by one reviewer and “the only book the subject should ever need”. He has also written over 1,000 columns for magazines in Europe, Australia, India, the UK and Malaysia as well as a compilation of his articles -- Marketing Insights and Outrages
    Today, the most prestigious business universities still pay little or no attention to Direct Marketing, even though its results can be so much more measurable and proven. So by attending Drayton Bird’s master class, you will be learning strategies and tactics that even your top MBA-educated sales and marketing staff are not familiar with.
    For full information on Drayton bird please contact Asia Direct at the number below, or look at his website: www.draytonbird.com.
    Other Speakers
    Domain-2008 will also have several other hard-hitting, and high-profile speakers. Here is a brief summary their credentials:
    Alexander Gaikalov
    Alexander Gaikalov is the former president of RADM – and one of the most experienced and well-known people in the Russian Direct Marketing world.
    He is Managing Partner of the Connexions Direct Marketing Agency in Moscow – one of the most professional agencies in Russia.
    Finn Overgaard, MBA
    Finn Overgaard is from Copenhagen Denmark and is the co-founder and co-owner of the You Me We network. He is the Managing Direct of the GEKKO International Network of Direct Marketing Agencies, a member of the Intenational DMA ECHO Committee, the ECHO Ambassador for Denmark, and the Chair of European judging, DMA ECHO awards
    He is the winner of more than 12 national and internal awards since the beginning of 2007, including Direct Marketer of the Year 2007
    Sandeep Mittal, Marketing Director, Dirextions and Head, Cartesian Consulting
    Sandeep did his MBA at IIM Calcutta in 2000 and immediately set up his own firm – Icicle Consultancy – an IT consulting and solutions company.
    He joined Direxions in August 2002 in business development and went on to head the Data Analysis Division. Later, he took over as Marketing Director for the Group, and today also has additional responsibility as business head at Cartesian Consulting, the Loyalty Consulting and Analysis Division.
    Pieter Stroop
    Pieter Stroop is a member fo the management team at Experian Nederland and is responsible for Expreian’s data management solutiosn in the Netherlands. He is also Manafging Director Netherlands at Esxperian CheetahMail, Experian’s global line of email marketing services. In addition he is chairman of the data quality commission of the DDMA (Dutch Dialogue Marketing Association), the co-organizers of the DDMA Data Quality Day and one of the founders of the DDMA Data Quality Award.
    Leena Basrur
    Ms. Basrur is Managing Director – Direxions Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd
    She has a post graduate degree in Statistics from the University of Bombay, 1983. She spent 3 years in Marketing & Research at Laxmi Vishnu Textile Mills, last as Deputy Marketing Manager, 6 years in Media in Everest Advertising and Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, last as Media Group Head
    Founded DataBasics Direct & Media Services Pvt Ltd in 1992, specializing in Direct Marketing solutions for the media and publishing industry, and response based contests and promotions; merged with Direxions after 5 years of operation
    The conference will also include several highly-qualified and experienced Kazakhstani direct marketers as speakers and participants, who will provide Kazakhstan-specific examples of what works and was doesn’t in Direct Marketing.
    Once again, the Domain-2008 Direct Marketing Conference is truly unprecedented, and no one else is planning anything quite like it here in Kazakhstan. By adopting Direct Marketing strategies for your business today, you will overnight bring your company to the cutting-edge of marketing in Kazakhstan, and will likely surprise and delight your target audiences with your fresh new approach. There are only four days left to register including the day of the conference, and it looks like it will sell out this year. So if you are interested, you should contact Razijam Mukhamedyarova at Asia Direct at the phone number below.
    If you have questions on these speakers, if you would like to sign up for the conference, please contact Asia Direct at the number below. There are a limited number of seats left, but registration is possible until the final day of the conference, space permitting:
    Tatyana Soldatenko
    Asia Direct – Direct Marketing Agency
    +7(727)3201506, 3201507

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Regional News

Deripaska seeking Funds
    Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska is looking to raise funds to repay part of the $4.5 billion borrowed to buy GMK Norilsk Nickel, the Financial Times reported, ...
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TNK-BP CEO Shortlist announced
    BP’s Russian joint venture TNK-BP has three candidates for the role of chief executive officer, including the former head of Norilsk Nickel Denis Morozov, the Wall ...
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Russia releases Official from Jail in Fraud Case
    Prosecutors unexpectedly released a top Finance Ministry official from jail one year after he was arrested in a politically charged criminal case seen as a strike ...
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16 Kyrgyz Labor Migrants attacked in Russia
    A criminal gang has attacked 16 Kyrgyz labor migrants in Russia, a press release from Kyrgyzstan’s State Committee on Migration and Employment reported citing Russian sources.
    The ...
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Kyrgyzstan experiencing Politics and Infighting
    Beneath surface of a simple personnel switch there is layer upon layer of political and regional rivalries.
    Kyrgyz president Kurmanbek Bakiev’s choice of Adakhan Madumarov to head ...
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Medvedev to mediate Frozen Conflict between Armenia, Azerbaijan
    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will mediate a frozen conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, as he seeks to boost Russia's influence ...
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Prices and Statistics

Oil and Gas Prices
    Date: October 22, 2008; Source: Bloomberg.com
Petroleum ($/bbl)
Price* Change %Change Time
Nymex Crude Future




Dated Brent Spot 65.13 -1.88 -2.81 01:06
WTI Cushing Spot 70.89 -3.75


Petroleum (cent/gal)
Price* Change %Change Time
Nymex Heating Oil Future


-5.21 -2.39


Nymex RBOB Gasoline Future 164.20 -4.99 -2.95 00:29
Natural gas ($/MMBtu)
Price* Change %Change Time
Nymex Henry Hub Future 6.88 .04 .53 00:30
Henry Hub Spot 6.76 -.22 -3.15 10/21
New York City Gate Spot 7.48


-1.06 10/21

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    Date: October 22, 2008; Source: Bloomberg.com
Commodity Price Change %Change Time
COPPER FUTURE (USd/lb.) 195.700 -5.000 -2.49 00:21
LME COPPER FUTURE (USD/MT) 4479.000 -227.000 -4.82 10/21
LME LEAD FUTURE (USD/MT) 1357.750 -50.250 -3.57 10/21
LME NICKEL FUTURE (USD/MT) 10557.000 170.000 1.64 10/21
LME PRI ALUM FUTR (USD/MT) 2035.000 -53.500 -2.56 10/21
LME ZINC FUTURE (USD/MT) 1136.000 -34.750 -2.97 10/21
GOLD 100 OZ FUTR (USD/t oz.) 762.100 -5.900 -0.77 00:24
SILVER FUTURE (USD/t oz.) 10.000 -0.075 -0.74 00:24

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Metal Prices
    Date: October 22, 2008; Source: Kitco.com
Silver 10.02 -0.01
Platinum 881.00


Palladium 180.00


Rhodium 1,600.00 0.00

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Exchange rates
    Date: October 22, 2008; Source: the National Bank of Kazakhstan
1 USD KZT 119.76 1 CHF KZT 103.83 1 CNY KZT17.53 1 TRY KZT 80.87 10 JPY KZT 11.84
1 EUR KZT 158.44 1 AUD KZT 82.17 1 KGS KZT 3.45 1 UZS KZT 0.09
1 GBP KZT 204.21 1 CAD KZT 99.94 1 RUB KZT 4.52 100 KRW KZT 9.08

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