Almaty expects ten thousand visitors during Asian Winter Games

    The Seventh Asian Winter Games Organizing Committee revealed Wednesday that, during Asian Winter Games, the largest Kazakhstan city Almaty is expected to receive ten thousand foreign visitors.
    President of Almaty Branch of the Organizing Committee Sultanmahmut Shokbytov said at the press conference held the same day that Kazakhstan doesn’t have experience in holding major international and regional sport events, so it’s difficult to precisely estimate the number of visitors for the Winter Games.
    However, The Organizing Committee and the Almaty Municipal Government will make every effort to fully prepare and welcome visitors from all over the world.
    Vice President of the Kazakhstan Olympic Committee Pavel Novikov said, currently hotels and related facilities in Almaty can basically meet accommodation needs of ten thousand visitors.
    The seventh Asia Winter Games will be held from January 30th to February 6th in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana and largest city Almaty.
    The Games is expected to have 11 items, total budget is more than one billion US dollars, Xinhua said.