Tax Committee to complete Probe into KPO Tax Practices in Two Weeks

    The Tax Committee of the Kazakhstan Ministry of Finance will finish its inspection on financial documents at Karachaganak Petroleum Operating within two weeks.
     “All the main procedures have been completed. A few issues are pending clarification, though. We have filed our request to Orenburg two weeks ago. As soon as we receive a response, the probe will be completed,” Daulet Yergozhin, head of the Tax Committee at the Ministry of Finance said Friday at the conference called, The Development of Tax and Customs Legislation within the CU. Transfer Pricing: Pros and Cons.
     Earlier, the Tax Committee said it planned to complete the probe in July.
     As was reported earlier, a special governmental commission is verifying if Karachaganak Petroleum Operating duly paidall taxes and other mandatory payments to the republic’s budget in 2005-2009, according to