Minsk, Moscow, Astana can agree on Problematic Issues - Lukashenko

    Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko considers it possible to agree on problematic issues that remain sensitive for Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan as part of the Customs Union.
    “Today we can agree on two-three problematic issues that are sensitive for Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan,” Lukashenko said at the meeting with Russian First Vice Premier Igor Shuvalov on Tuesday.
    He stressed that Belarus has always been a supporter of integration processes.
    “This is our image of the most multinational country on the post-Soviet space,” the president said. “We will adhere to this tactics, this future strategy. Belarus would like relations with other countries to be based on equality and respect of the parties.”
    “If we see this, we will agree on any compromises and any concessions… If Belarus sees infringement on our interests and disrespect to our people, we will not do this,” Lukashenko said.
    “Minsk will proceed from the assumption that Belarus is a rather high-tech country that is located in the centre of Europe and cannot go to rack and ruin,” he said.
    “We do not want to use some advantages of our country for the detriment of somebody, mainly of Russians. And we have no any big claims to Russia from the point of view of our interests and no to Kazakhstan," Itar-Tass reports.