Kazakhstan establishes Uniform Business Coordination Council

    The government of Kazakhstan has created the Uniform Business Coordination Council, Kazakhstan Today reports citing the prime minister's press release.
    According to the press release, ‘the Uniform Business Coordination Council has been created to execute the assignments of the head of th state given on February 26, 2010 during the plenary session of the Business Council under the president of Kazakhstan.’
    ‘The creation of such an advisory body will make it possible to combine the efforts of the state and business to make consolidated decisions and realize the goals that are part of the strategic development plan until 2020, the accelerated industrial-innovative development program, and the Road Map 2020,’ the statement read.
    According to the press release, ‘the Uniform Business Coordination Council will unite the functions of the Anti-Crisis Council, the Commission for the Elimination of Administrative Barriers and the Business Working Group’.
    The council will organize an all-round dialogue to develop a consolidated position for the solution of strategic economic problems and current business problems,’ it continued, according to Kazakhstan Today.