Nazarbayev inspects Koksaray Counter-regulator

    President Nursultan Nazarbayev, during his working trip to the South Kazakhstan area, took part in the solemn opening of the Koksaray counterregulator, Kazakhstan Today reports.
    Nazarbayev arrived for a working visit in the South Kazakhstan area. The Koksaray counter-regulator has been the first object visited by the President.
    The President from the helicopter inspected a hydro-construction, and after landing met constructors, workers, and the public.
    "If there was no counterregulator this year, more than ever, there would floods in the regions and in Kyzylordu. Every year we spend huge money for construction of dams and restoration of houses.
    Koksaray has already accumulated great volume of water and it has allowed us to avoid flooding in the lower reaches of Syr-Darya," Nazarbayev said, according to Kazakhstan Today.