Kazakhstan’s OSCE Motto - Trust, Traditions, Transparency, Tolerance

    Kazakhstan has adopted the “Four Тs” as its motto for the country’s chairmanship of the OSCE: Trust, Tradition, Transparency and Tolerance, President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev stated in a video on the official website for Kazakhstan’s OSCE presidency, Kazakhstan Today reports.
    The president added, "The first principle means trust for each other. The second refers to an adherence to the main principles and values of the OSCE. The third is maximum openness and transparency in international relations, free from double standards and lines of division, designed for constructive cooperation in overcoming challenges and threats to security. At last, the fourth is a reflection of global trends towards strengthening intercultural and inter-civilized dialogue, which is acquiring increasing importance in the modern world,” he said, according to Kazakhstan Today.