Kazakhstan to Take to International Roads

    Kazakhstanis possessing a valid driver’s license from their own country should soon be able to drive in any country having ratified the 1968 UN Vienna Convention on Driving, inclusive of 64 nations worldwide, 12 of which are in the CIS. Nikolay Kalashnikov, Vice President of the Committee of Traffic Police under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, has stated that though his country joined the convention in 1994, due to other priority areas of development, establishing the bases for adherence to the agreement was delayed. Once final ratification of the agreement is completed by Kazakhstan, those possessing a valid Kazakhstani driver’s license will find their license valid in participating countries.
    Currently, American and British citizens wishing to drive in Kazakhstan can already if they possess a valid international driver’s license or international driving permit (IDP), respectively, according to The Times of Central Asia (timesca-europe.com), Interfax, Gazeta.kz, Kazakhstan Today, the Automobile Association (theaa.com), and the U.S. Department of State (travel.state.gov).