Kazakhstani Diplomatic Mission seeks to protect Citizens arrested in Bangkok

    Kazakhstan’s diplomatic mission in Bangkok is undertaking steps to protect the interests of Kazakhstani citizens arrested on December 12 in Thailand, the Press Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, Ilyas Omarov told journalists, Kazakhstan Today reports.
    "According the diplomatic mission in Thailand and the competent agencies of Kazakhstan, the Il-76 plane that was detained in Bangkok is registered in Georgia to Air West Georgia Ltd. It was rented by a New Zealand Company -- SP Trading Ltd. to deliver cargo," Omarov stated.
    "The plane’s crew - four citizens of Kazakhstan and one from Belarus were employed by Air West Georgia Ltd."
    According to Omarov, "it is too early to speak of charges." He added, "According to the crew, they knew nothing of the military nature of the cargo."
    The Il-76 had been sold by Kazakhstan to Georgia on October 7, 2009, Chairman of the Civil Aircraft Committee under the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Kazakhstan, Radilbek Adimolda told a press conference, according to Kazakhstan Today.