Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan discuss Construction of New Pipeline through Azerbaijan to Black Sea - Kulibayev

    The potential construction of a new oil pipeline going through Azerbaijan to the Black Sea is now under discussion, Chairman of the KazEnergy Association Timur Kulibayev announced at a press conference during the IV Eurasian Energy Summit in Astana on September 25.
    Speaking on Kazakhstan's priorities for energy exports, Kulibayev noted the country has exported oil and gas based on commercial benefits and good-neighbor relations.
    "We have had good relations with all our neighbors; first of all, with Russia. As you know, in the oil sector we are connected with Atyrau-Samara main line and the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC)", he noted. Kulibayev also pointed out the pipeline delivering oil to China and the prospects for increasing he oil supply to Asian countries up to 20 million tons.
    As for gas export, Russia remains the main partner for Kazakhstan in this area, Kulibayev said. Kazakhstan transits Central Asian gas to Europe through Russian territory, he added.
    At the same time, the KazEnergy chairman reported on the completion of a gas pipeline to China in the near future. Active cooperation with Azerbaijan is underway.
    It was noted that the KazMunaiGas owned Batumi seaport makes it possible to utilize this route to ship Kazakhstan’s oil and oil products.
    According to Kulibayev, the current situation provides positive conditions for developing relations with all interested countries and to receive a fair price for domestic energy carriers, according to inform.kz.