Kasymov asks Government to tell Public about All Offshore Transactions

    Senator Gani Kasymov has requested the government to inform the public on all transactions conducted with offshore zones. The requested was addressed to the prime minister, and was read during a plenary session yesterday, Kazakhstan Today reports.
    "I request the government to state its position. Let the government explain using tables what they have sold in offshore zones and to whom," the senator said.
    Kasymov stressed there is a current trend to refuse to recognize transactions conducted in offshore zones across the world, "Kazakhstan’s position on this issue worries us."
    "Several months ago in London, the G-20 decided to stop recognizing all transactions made in offshore zones, but we are developing this business, and supporting it," the senator stated.
    "Let the government explain why state bodies are selling our subsoil resources, fields and mines to offshore companies for small amounts of money," he said, according to Kazakhstan Today.