Oil Production to increase 28% and Gas -- 61% in Atyrau by End 09

    Oil and Gas production will increase considerably by end 2009 in Atyrau, with 27 million tons production forecasted by the year’s end.
    “In comparison with last year, oil production increased by 28%, and gas, by 61%," Oblast Akim Bergey Ryskaliev stated.
    Ryskaliev added that in Q1, 12 million tons oil was extracted, for a 10% rise in oil production compared to last year, and 15% increase for gas.
    In Q1 2009, investments increased compared to the same period of last year by 18%, to 439 billion tenge.
    "Of course, this is influencing our economic development in a positive manner," Mr. Ryskaliev added, according to KazTag.