Kazakhstan cannot participate in Nabucco Project

    Kazakhstan cannot participate in Nabucco project due to an absence of available gas resources, Vice Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of Kazakhstan, Aset Magauov reported at the Third Security Forum of Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC), Kazakhstan Today reports.
    "As for Nabucco - this project has been considered for a long time. Kazakhstan in this issue will adhere to the point of view that a project should be economically appealing," Magauov stated.
    "When I say resources, I do not call in question the resources of other countries, I am referring to first of all, Kazakhstan’s resources for this project".
    "We have begun two large-scale projects. We intend to export 10 billion cubic meters of gas in the Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline. The second project is with China. Therefore, we will think about this issue, in the immediate future regarding available resources of Kazakhstan gas," he explained, according to Kazakhstan Today.