Second-Tier Banks are failing to meet Nur Otan Transparency Memorandum

    A number of second–tier banks are failing to execute the memorandum with the Nur Otan People's Democratic Party on transparency in the use of public funds allocated for the anti-recession program on mortgage loans, Vice President of the Almaty branch of Nur Otan, Akylbek Dzheldibaev said at a session of the working group of the Almaty city branch of Nur Otan Party for Control Over the Use of Public Funds Allocated for the Anti-Recession Program, Kazakhstan Today reports.
    "We prepared and sent letters to all the banks with a request to provide information regarding the distribution and use of the funds allocated to the banks by the government of Kazakhstan. However, none of the banks other than BTA Bank, have sent us this information," Dzheldibayev said.
    Member of the working group, Magzam Kasymov, reminded reporters the Nur Otan Party has been assigned to monitor the use of National Fund resources. "This is not your money. This is national, the state's money," he emphasized, according to Kazakhstan Today.