Senate considers Government and Counting Committee Reports on Budget Execution

    The Senate at a plenary session has considered reports on the execution of the national budget from the government of Kazakhstan and the national Counting Committee for Control over the Execution of the National Budget for 2008, Kazakhstan Today reports.
    According to a conclusion from the Majilis Committee for Finance and Budgeting, in 2008, the government reacted effectively to the changes in the global economy and undertook timely measures to preserve the stability and development of the national economy.
    The Majilis said the changes in chief macroeconomic indicators were positive results achieved resulting from the national budget execution in 2008. GDP was at KZT 15.91 billion and grew in comparison with 2007 at 103.2%. Industrial production grew by 102.1% and foreign trade increased by 135.5%.
    A joint session of the Chambers of Parliament is planned for June 23, 2009, according to Kazakhstan Today.