National Bank Net Profit decreases 18.9% in 2008

    The National Bank received KZT 30.197 billion net profit in 2008 as compared to 2007, when net profit was KZT 37.25 billion, Kazakhstan Today reports citing a National Bank of Kazakhstan report.
    "For the accounting period, the National Bank’s income amounted to KZT 68.02 billion, having decreased by KZT 20.25 billion (22.9%), and expenditures reached KZT 37.821 billion, having dropped by KZT 13.204 billion (25.9%)," the report stated.
    The profit of affiliated organizations of the National Bank was KZT 3.856 billion (state enterprises - KZT 967.9 million, JSC companies - KZT 2.89 billion).
    Consolidated net profit of the National Bank (taking into account affiliate organizations) was KZT 34.053 billion, according to Kazakhstan Today.