Umirzak Shukeev becomes First Deputy Prime Minister, Serik Akhmetov - Deputy Prime Minister, Abelgazi Kusainov - Transport and Communications Minister

    As per three separate presidential decrees - Umirzak Estaevich Shukeev has been appointed first deputy prime minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan and has left his job as deputy prime minister, Serik Nygmetuly Akhmetov is the new deputy Prime minister of Kazakhstan and has been relieved of his previous post as minister of transport and communications, and Abelgazi Kaliakparovich Kusainov has become the new minister of transport and communications of Kazakhstan.
    Abelgazi Kusainov was also removed as secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, according to Ak Orda.
    Mr Shukeev will oversee operations management issues, the development of agriculture industry, the construction sector, and the implementation of breakthrough projects.
    Deputy Prime Minister Erbol Orynbaev will deal with the issues of macroeconomics and human development.
    Appointed Deputy Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov will be in charge of transport and infrastructure development of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as increasing the content of Kazakhstan, regional politics and issues of housing and communal services, the press releaseof Prime Minister of Kazakhstan reports.